Affordable Botox, Lip Filler, Dermal Filler treatments in Lostock Hall near Preston and Leyland (within Nail Nation)


Like Prozac and Viagra before it, BOTOX® treatment has become an established brand name in its own right and for good reason: because it works.

When you concentrate, squint or frown, the muscles in your face contract. After years of frequent contraction combined with other environmental and lifestyle factors, lines and wrinkles will form and eventually become permanent. When the muscles in our face move, a message is sent from the brain via nerves to the muscles, instructing them to contract. Botox injectables are a natural protein that works by interrupting this process, leaving those muscles unable to crease the skin.


While they may have made their name through celebrity use, BOTOX® injections are an affordable treatment that anyone can access. Unlike some cosmetic medical treatments, they're suitable for virtually anyone who has wrinkles or other skin lines that they want to remove. This includes people who want to fight the signs of natural ageing, or those who've developed lines from exposure to the sun.

We offer 1 - 3 area treatments the areas being lower forehead, higher forehead and either side of the eyes.


We would make an initial appointment to discuss your requirements and explain the treatments and how they work, this is a free no obligation session, then arrange a further session for the treatment itself. 


The Botox takes between 1 and 2 weeks to take full effect, the treament reduces or eliminates the appearance of wrinkles and lines, as everyone is different, we recommend a follow up appointment to check if any top up may be required.

Please call us on 01772 339133 01772 339133 or use our contact form.

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